How do you find your best bed?

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Sound familiar?

While shopping for a bed, you’ll find that everyone has something to say along those lines. Most brands spend their time making claims based on marketing positions, trademarked statements, and focus groups that help them define the right story. It’s all extra fluff, with no support or clarification to ease the confusion in the buying process!

You see, mattress comfort is so subjective that there is no single product that will work for everyone.

So regardless of who, or what, or where you buy, a couple of simple steps
will help you more accurately choose your best bed.

Five Key Steps to find your best bed

  1. Find the surface comfort that will help you fall asleep (and stay asleep).
  2. Make sure that you have enough support to provide you a level sleep surface. Avoid hammocking or overly-firm surfaces, as they will create pressure points and won’t allow for even weight distribution.
  3. Make sure that you can move easily on the sleep surface because the more difficult it is to move, the more likely you will wake from a deep, restorative sleep when you move naturally. Ease of movement also allows for easy escape from heat buildup.
  4. Make sure that there is good side support so you get the benefit of a full sleep surface (and won’t have you feeling like you’re rolling in or out of your mattress!)
  5. There is a lot of marketing surrounding partner disturbance, but some sleepers prefer a more active sleep surface.
    Moral of the story? Choose what YOU like, and not what a marketing professional tells you!


These steps cover all of the critical points of comfort and support, and the last key feature is durability. Truth be told, it’s easy to produce a comfortable, supportive mattress for a relatively low price AS LONG AS YOU ARE HAPPY REPLACING THAT MATTRESS EVERY COUPLE OF YEARS . We have noticed that NOBODY sells a mattress and tells you it’ll be great for a year or two. In fact, there’s a Latin saying “Caveat Emptor”, that refers to the principle that “the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before the purchase is made.”

But it is also relatively easy to produce a mattress that will show very little wear for at least ten years! It just requires much more expensive foam than your average mattress. In this era of consolidated mattress manufacturers managed by private equity firms working to pay down debt, satisfy shareholders, and prepare for the next buyout, expensive raw materials just don’t fit with the budgets. Instead, marketing stories, “miracle” materials, and proprietary trade-names for commodity materials are the common ground to fabricate a perceived value.

Bed-in-a-Box brands have popped up because of this jaded approach to the market, and truth be told, the great majority of them are being produced and fulfilled by a handful of large foam producers. And those who own the brands? They’ve never built a mattress in their lives, but they’ll show you a picture online, tell you a bedtime story, and hope you buy it. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this is fairy tale comfort, based entirely on suggestion, not reality.

@Last is available from our select group of retailers, where you can PHYSICALLY EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCES in comfort and support between our three product lines. All three have completely different systems suited for a wide range of sleep needs, and they all contain very high quality foams sourced from suppliers who can provide proof of density and consistency.

If you choose to experience our products, we are confident you will find your preferred comfort and support level, and you can sleep well knowing that the components are the best available to you at the price level you select.